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What will you do in that case if your data is permanently lost? Here is the easy solution for you to restore all your essential files with ultimate cloud storage software and that’s called CBackupper.
In this technical world, cloud storage is the backbone of online data storage, online backup is not essential, but it is now the core part of crucial files storage system. CBackupper is a cloud backup software with ultimate free storage to store your data securely.
CBackupper is a free backup software offers securely Mobile backup, cloud to cloud transfer, and free cloud backup. This free cloud backup software provides the security of cloud backup, reliable cloud server, and fast data transferring.
CBackupper offers an advanced feature to select the type of cloud disk from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and FTP/SFTP. Free combination for a large backup space is available, bind more cloud disks to expand backup space.
This version comes with lots of additional features and unlimited backup space with free of cost. It offers free data storage and recovers functions like unlimited cloud, unlimited backup versions, space quota, email notification, schedule backup tasks, file filter and support system.
CBackupper will save all information of your data while backing up data it performs lossless data backup. Hence, it backups all data in a consistent manner without any data loss.
Flexible backup settings – Except for data storage and restore, the user can also schedule the backup tasks to automatically run daily, weekly and monthly basis. Hence, scheduled backup tasks can run without any repeat works. It also supports and manages email notification, file filter, data cleanup software and many more.
Cloud to cloud backup feature allows users to transfer data from one cloud to another with lossless data backup. It enables users to add cloud drivers to CBackupper and provide protection, security, and safety for your personal and professional data.
256-bit AES encryption offers top-notch security for cloud users and prevents loss of data and data infringement. CBackupper uses a token-based authorization enabling you to access different cloud drives.
After saying the common ways, let’s start to backup files on cloud with the best cloud backup service – CBackupper. With the help of it, you can do personal cloud backup between cloud storages, such as, backup files from Dropbox to OneDrive, move files from Dropbox to Google Drive, etc.

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CBackupper is a free cloud backup service that supports multiple cloud storage including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and so on. You can add your cloud storage accounts and create a backup task to do cloud to cloud backup easily and quickly.

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As a free version of the online cloud backup software, CBackupper provides a better, fast and easy to use, user experience. It also includes some additional user experience features: security from data theft attackers, high-speed performance, installation, and storage capacity, regular data updates and more.
24*7 technical support from engineers of our technical team are available to help you, and your email will be replied ASAP. If you have any questions and feedback on CBackupper, feel free to ask anytime. Get a better understanding of this amazing mobile backup software, and learn how to backup data by CBackupper.
As we all know, a better organization on our cloud storage leads to improved reliability and convenience. CBackupper is very useful application and it offers a user-friendly interface and combines handy features.
Cloud to cloud backup is not something you do every day. But when you need it, it is then that you realize that you need CBackupper. It supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP.
CBackupper bags a wide variety of user-friendly functions to make the cloud backup easy and secure. It is one of the handy cloud backup applications that come with an easy to navigate cool interface.
Today I will introduce you to useful and feature-rich software that will help you a lot if you are a regular cloud storage user. CBackupper is an easy to understand and easy to use backup software. You can easily back up your data to cloud drive and avoid the risk of data loss.
CBackupper is a free cloud backup manager which has earned good reputation among worldwide users. It has the schedule backup feature, you can set up daily, weekly, monthly, or a specific time to backup and CBackupper will help you back up data automatically.
In this case, the third-party service such as CBackupper that can implement cloud to cloud backup stands out. Using CBackupper, you can automatically back up files from cloud to cloud, and you can get rid of manual backup data by using professional backup methods such as setting up a scheduled backup.

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CBackupper is based on an authorization system called OAuth, which can ensure the security of your data. Meanwhile, it will not save or cache the data or files on the server so that you can feel free to use this tool and totally trust it.

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Unlimited size of a single backup file- Some cloud disks will limit the size of a single backup file. But in CBackupper, as long as the combined cloud space is larger than the backup file size, any large file can be backed up.

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CBackupper is a professional and reliable cloud backup service. Its special feature is that it can help you quickly and directly back up a cloud drive file to other cloud drives, which means adding a security lock to the data stored in the cloud.

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CBackupper, a free online backup service, which can make your cloud files and website much safe by an exact copy on different clouds. And you can restore your cloud files to its original or other location at any time.

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Backing up files and restoring data is now easier with the help of CBackupper. It’s 100% safe and will keep your data in the same way it was uploaded. If you don’t want to wait for a longer time, you can set a schedule that will help you backup the files easily.

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CBackupper is a web-based free cloud backup for Windows PCs with a browser, which supports multiple cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. With its cloud to cloud backup feature, you can easily and quickly backup files between cloud storage.

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CBackupper is a professional cloud-based service for cloud backup, which has the characteristics of high flexibility, high scalability, and high cost performance. CBackupper is the best choice for Windows users and users who need more free backup space.

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CBackupper is a free cloud backup that can help you backup files between Google Drive accounts quickly and directly. With it, you can create a backup task to backup certain files between Google Drive accounts or backup entire Google Drive to another.

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CBackupper is a free online cloud to cloud backup services that allows you to backup files between cloud storage. CBackupper allows you to allocate the storage space for backup and combine the backup space of each cloud storage accounts into a huge backup space.

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CBackupper is a professional PC cloud backup service. It supports the automatic backup of OneDrive files to Google Drive, and there is no tedious operation process. You only need to add a backup source and select a backup cloud disk to back up. Next, take a look at this operation how it works.

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CBackupper is a free cloud backup tool for almost all system and devices because it is a web-based service that you can use it through browser as long as you have internet connection. With it, you can add your cloud storage accounts on one platform and create a backup task to backup files between any two cloud storage accounts.

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CBackupper is a web-based cloud to cloud backup service, you can navigate to its main page to directly register an account and use it. Relying on the free cloud backup service CBackupper can put multiple OneDrives in one location for easy management.

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CBackupper is not only a free cloud backup service, but also a professional multi-cloud space aggregator. It supports combining the free space of your multiple cloud storage services accounts, and the large space formed by this combination can be used to back up data.

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cBackupper is a free, professional and popular cloud backup service in the market, which focuses on cloud to cloud backup. It is indeed the best cloud backup service that can help you back up files between cloud storage easily and quickly and offers many useful features.

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AOMEI CBackupper is a free professional and reliable cloud backup service that allows you to add valuable files from the cloud accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to create incremental backups.

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Geo Deraedt

CBackupper is amazing for cloud drive space combination, no waste. So worthy to own it. It makes me feel safe while backing up data to my own clouds.

Ingrid Tran

CBackupper made my day! With this wonderful app, I can integrate all my OneDrive storage and make all of them fully used.


I used CBackupper several times, and it helped me a lot, restore all my files and folders I have when I lost them in my computer. Thanks, thanks, thanks...


CBackupper helpt me mijn gegevens te herstellen, het is erg handig.

Len Gane

CBackupper - a fast web cloud backup service to combine all my free space of the clouds into bigger one, then safely and quickly to backup and restore files without losing anything.

Jen. W. Hadary

I used CBackupper for a few times, not very frequently, but it indeed makes me feel safe about my cloud data.


Great app. Thanks!


CBackupper is very reliable to use, it even supports offline backup and restore files, I’m impressed, to be honest.

Cassie Eastwood

Use it! Love it! Recommend it!


Bedankt, ik zal het aanbevelen aan mijn vrienden en familie!

Greg Fernandez

Woohoo! Successfully restored my data from Google Drive back to OneDrive!! The process did not take me that long than I expected, super cool!


Cloud storage is becoming a go-to every day as devices are getting more and more mobile. With CBackupper, I can integrate my cloud storage easily. Thank you!


As a CBackupper user, I will definitely introduce this tool to my friends, it is very useful.