Why Backup PC to Cloud?

(Source: David M. Smith, Ph.D., Pepperdine University)

A PC contains many physical items as well as virtual operating systems like Windows 10 or Windows 7. The data on your computer is more vulnerable to these disasters.

According to statistics, in the cause of data loss, 40% of them are hardware failure, 29% are human errors, 13% are software corruption, 9% are theft, 6% are computer viruses/malware/ransomware, and 3% are natural disasters.

That is to say, there are more potential threats than you think. You need to backup your files with a professional PC cloud backup service in advance.

Benefits of Cloud Backup

  • Your Data May Be Lost Without Signs

    Computer system crash, BSOD, hard disk failure, human error, virus infection, and natural disasters are common causes for data loss worldwide. Yet cloud backup perfectly reduce those risks.

  • Easily Access Files Across Multiple Devices

    Stored contents on the cloud storage can be easily accessed from other end-points, such as phone, tablet, PCs, etc. Any platform that is able to log in your account, and anywhere that Internet reached.

  • Switch to Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage

    Use cloud storage for data backup only so that every gigabyte can be effectively used. Reasonable combination of cloud drives makes unlimited cloud storage possible.

  • Make Recovery Easy and Instant

    Cloud backups are easier to recover in a short time when disaster happens. All you need to do is access, download and restore from logged in cloud account.

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