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Is there a way to transfer data from one website to another directly?

Recently, more and more companies and even person their own website, and usually, they have more than one. Often, one of your websites need some data on another website, so, you need to transfer data from one website to another. And normally, users may use FTP to store files of the website, so, transfer data from one website to another means to transfer data from one FTP to another here.

Generally, the majority of people know the manual way to transfer data from one FTP to another, i.e. repeatedly downloading data from one FTP to local hard drive and re-uploading data from local hard drive to another FTP. However, as we can imagine, this way is so troublesome and time-consuming.

Therefore, some users are seeking a way to transfer data from one FTP server to another directly. If you are looking for this kind of way, please read on to learn the easiest way to achieve it with detailed operation steps.

Direct way to transfer data from one website to another

If you are looking for a way to transfer data from one website to another directly, you can rely on a third-party tool like CBackupper. CBackupper is a professional online backup service that supports you to add unlimited FTP accounts and backup data between FTPs directly and easily. And after adding, you can manage your FTP accounts together on just one interface. There are some other advantages for your reference:

Scheduled transfer feature

If you need to backup data frequently, you can even set up a scheduled transfer task in Specific time/Daily/Weekly/Monthly mode. Then, data will be backed up at a regular interval or simply for a special timing automatically, saving both time and effort.

Secure data storage

Cloud backup is an independent personal account, with a certain security guarantee. There is no need to worry about personal information data disclosure.

Independent transmission device

The transfer task doesn’t depend on the local machine. Even if you shut down the computer, data continues to complete until the task is completed.

Guidance for transferring data from one FTP to another with CBackupper

1. Create a CBackupper account freely and sign in.

Sign up

2. Add and authorize your FTP accounts under the “Clouds” tab. You can add as many FTP accounts as you have.

Add Cloud

Note: CBackupper bases on OAuth System, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third-party applications to access multiple FTP accounts without username and password required. So, you can safely add your FTP and don’t need to worry about personal information data disclosure.

3. Click on “Tasks” tab at the top of the page, then, click “Create Task” button to create a transfer task.

Create Task

4. Name your backup task, click “Add Source” button to add OneDrive as the backup source. Similarly, click “Add Destination” button to add Google Drive as the backup destination.

Add Source and Destination

Note: You can select the entire FTP or just some of the files on it as source and destination.

5. Click “Start Backup” button to execute the task.


  • You can click “Settings” button before starting to enjoy “File Filter” features. It can help you exclude certain types of files or contain only specified types of files when transferring.

  • You can enable email notification under “Settings”. Then, once the task succeeds or fails, you will receive an email from CBackupper.

  • You can click “Schedule” button to set up an automatic transfer task.

If you have backed up some data, you can easily restore the data that have been previously backed up to the original location or a new location easily with CBackupper.



According to the contents above, you can learn how to transfer data from one website to another with CBackupper. And besides FTP, CBackupper also supports many cloud drives like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can add these cloud drives to transfer data between any two cloud drives, get unlimited storage space and access multiple cloud storage accounts with one single login, which can bring you much convenience.