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OneDrive is stuck on Sync pending

OneDrive is a service based on the Internet and used to store files. But as you store and sync more files and folders, the higher the chance of encountering OneDrive sync problems. In most cases, OneDrive on the computer runs in the background and syncs files to the cloud. However, in a few cases, OneDrive not working properly like the OneDrive folder stuck on “Sync pending”.

OneDrive Sync Pending Stuck

Many users have reported that the Windows 10 offline files stuck on sync pending when they use OneDrive. In this guide, we will provide the most comprehensive and effective solutions. Before you start troubleshooting OneDrive, you may need to learn why the OneDrive "Sync pending" stuck issue occurs.

Why is OneDrive not syncing or syncing stuck?

What does sync pending mean on OneDrive? This means that the file is being synced. However, if your OneDrive is stuck in sync pending, the sync function may no longer work normally, which will cause inconvenience to users.

There are a number of reasons why OneDrive is out of sync or stuck in sync:

  • If you are running an older version of the application, you may meet unresolved OneDrive sync bugs.

  • If you run out of space on the cloud, sync may stop.

  • OneDrive has a limit on the size of file uploads, and “Sync pending” may be stuck on a file that exceeds the upload limit.

  • Unstable network connectivity can affect the sync process for OneDrive.

  • The operating system update is incorrect.

  • Your permission to sync files using OneDrive was denied.

  • There is too much cache stacking in the OneDrive application.

No matter what reason you get stuck in OneDrive sync, we'll help you out in this detailed guide, please read the following patiently to find the right way to fix your OneDrive issue.

How to fix the OneDrive Sync pending stuck issue?

According to the main reasons that easily cause OneDrive "Sync pending" stuck on Mac and Windows 10, we provide 8 effective solutions. Try the following methods to fix OneDrive not syncing.

Solution 1. Install the latest Windows updates

If the OneDrive “sync pending” stuck on Windows 10, the correct update to the operating system may resolve the issue.

Step 1. Open the Settings on the computer, click Update & Security.

Step 2. Click the Windows Update tab, and then click the Check for updates button on the right panel.

Windows Update

Solution 2. Check the OneDrive restrictions

  • If the file size you are trying to upload exceeds 20 GB, the process will fail.

  • If you use the latest version of Microsoft Edge or other popular web browsers, the maximum limit for uploading files to OneDrive is 100GB and the file size limit for business accounts is 15GB.

  • If you use OneNote files, the file size is limited to 2GB.

  • File name characters are limited to 400, and OneDrive does not sync files with invalid characters (/ \ <>: *"?|) and invalid files (temp files,etc.).

  • If you're using, you can't sync more than 2,500 files at the same time.

Solution 3. Reset OneDrive

If OneDrive is stuck on “Sync pending”, you can try to reset to fix it.

Note: Take this operation will resync all OneDrive files.

Step 1. Press the “Windows + R” key simultaneously to open the Run dialog.

Step 2. Then copy and paste this text: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe, and click OK.

Reset OneDrive

Step 3. Type your account information to connect to OneDrive, look for the OneDrive icon in the taskbar, then right-click it and select Settings.

Step 4. Check the “Start OneDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows”, and click OK.

Start OneDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows

Solution 4. Update OneDrive client manually

The OneDrive client will be updated automatically, but some users will turn off automatic updates. The older version of the application can cause many issues. And you need to manually update the OneDrive app.

Step 1. Navigate to the OneDrive website, then download and install the latest client to the computer.

Step 2. Click Start on the computer. Type OneDrive into the search box, and click on the topmost result to start it.

Solution 5.Connect your OneDrive account manually

Step 1. Press the “Win+I” key to open the Settings window, click Accounts > Email & accounts in the left taskbar, then click Add an account.

Add An Account

Step 2. Enter your login credentials to add your OneDrive account manually.

Step 3. Then, you can relaunch the syncing process to check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 6. Troubleshoot the OneDrive

If the application fails temporarily, you can troubleshoot it.

Step 1. Press the “Win+I” key to open the Settings window, type Find and fix problems with Windows Store Apps in the search box and select it.

Find and fix problems with Windows Store Apps

Step 2. It will look for possible conflicts and errors in applications installed from the Microsoft Store. Then select Apply repairs automatically and click Next, and then follow the instructions given to repair the error.

Apply repairs automatically

Solution 7. Turn off the Office upload

Some reports indicate that the automatic office upload option may tamper with the ongoing functionality of OneDrive, and you can turn it off.

Step 1. Open OneDrive's Settings and click the Office tab.

Step 2. You need to uncheck the Use Office to sync Office files that I open option, and then click the OK button to save your selection.

Turn off the OneDrive Upload

Step 3. Restart the OneDrive app to resolve this issue.

Solution 8. Check your storage

If your OneDrive account doesn’t have enough space, you may encounter the problem of OneDrive sync stuck.

Step 1. First, you need to check the free space on OneDrive. Click here to go to the OneDrive interface and log in with your account credentials.

Step 2. Click Manage storage, you can check the used space and free space on OneDrive. If the space is insufficient, you can click Empty recycle bin to release some space or upgrade your account.

OneDrive Manage Storage

Step 3. You also need to check the disk space. Please right-click the local disk, click Properties, then under the General tab, click Disk Cleanup to manage your storage.

Disk Cleanup

Tip: Get more OneDrive storage for free

OneDrive only provides 5GB of storage for free users, and some users may not have the budget to upgrade their OneDrive accounts. Fortunately, the professional cloud backup service CBackupper can help you get more space for backup without paying.

CBackupper Main Page

CBackupper allows you to add multiple cloud storage accounts (different accounts under one cloud storage service, or accounts for different cloud storage services). Use CBackupper to add and merge the free space in these OneDrive accounts into one big backup space.

Step 1. Just go to the homepage of CBackupper, get started to create an account.

Sign Up

Step 2. Click the Clouds tab, then choose the Add Clouds bottom in the lower-left corner, select OneDrive and click OK. Add multiple accounts in the same way, including free cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Add OneDrive

Step 3. In the next window, modify the Display Name and click Allocate to allocate space for file backup. Then, click the checkbox before Note and click OK.

Now you have completed the process of adding multiple cloud drives. It is worth mentioning that CBackupper will not limit the number of accounts you add. If you have enough accounts, combining their free space can even get unlimited cloud backup space.

Final Words

You can use the above methods to try to fix the OneDrive “Sync pending” stuck on Mac or Windows 10 and pay attention to check the main reasons that easily cause OneDrive not syncing to effectively avoid the problem. In addition, if your OneDrive storage is insufficient, you can use the free Backupper to combine multiple cloud storage accounts to get more backup space.