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"Can you merge two OneDrive accounts?"

“I want to merge two or multiple OneDrive accounts so that I can access and manage all data which is available on different OneDrive accounts in one place. No need to log to each account and get the sum of all accounts storage space in one place. Is there a way to achieve this goal?”

Merge Onedrive Accounts

Why need to merge multiple OneDrive accounts?

As we all know, OneDrive offers its user 5GB free storage only, which can be run out of quickly. Therefore, most of OneDrive users sign up for more than one OneDrive personal account to get more free storage and store a large number of files on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Meanwhile, users need to switch their OneDrive accounts frequently and be tired of logging in and logging out two or multiple OneDrive accounts each time. Therefore, many people may think about merging all their OneDrive accounts for easy management, like perform cloud backup more efficient.

What's more, if you have Office 365 account or OneDrive for business subscription, you'll get more spare space. Connecting the idle space to OneDrive account can make cloud backup easier and the space will be fully used.

How to merge two or multiple OneDrive accounts?

If you have more than one OneDrive accounts and seek a way to merge and manage them into one, you can keep reading to learn two ways to merge all your OneDrive accounts with a third-party cloud backup service - CBackupper or OneDrive in-built feature.

Merge OneDrive accounts via CBackupper (Easiest)

CBackupper is a free and reliable cloud storage manager, which can help you not only merge and run multiple OneDrive accounts on one PC with one login, but also access and transfer files among multiple accounts easily and quickly. And besides OneDrive, it also supports many other stream cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox and so on. So, you can combine cloud storage belong to one or different cloud storage on one interface.

1. Create a CBackupper account and log in.

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2. Navigate to the Clouds tab, click "Add Clouds" at the bottom of My Clouds, select "OneDrive" and click "OK" to add this drive. You can add OneDrive accounts as many as you have.

Add OneDrive

3. After adding, all your OneDrive accounts are listed here. With only one login, you can allocate and make full use of their storage space and transfer your files on them freely.

Allocated Space OneDrive

4. To backup files on OneDrive account, you can click “Task” tab to move files between cloud storage accounts quickly and easily on just one single interface.

Create Task

5. Name your backup task, click “Add Source” button to add one Google Drive account as the transfer source. Similarly, click “Add Destination” button to add another Google Drive account as the backup destination. Then, click “Start Backup” to execute task.

Add Source and Destination

Merge OneDrive accounts via OneDrive “Sharing” feature (Manually)

OneDrive “Sharing” feature can help you connect OneDrive accounts by creating a shared folder and share it with other accounts by doing the following:

1. Go to the OneDrive website and sign in with your Microsoft account.

2. Click on “+ New” button to create a new folder and name it as “Shared Folder” and move all your files in this account to “Shared Folder”.

3. Select this “Shared Folder” by clicking the circle in the upper corner of the item. Then, click “Share” at the top of the page.

Click Share

4. Select "Anyone with the link can edit" to customize the link options and click on “Apply”.

Allow Edit

5. Once you're back at the main share box, select "Copy" to copy the link to your clipboard.

Copy Link

6. Paste the link and you can access the files on that account by this link. If you have more than two OneDrive accounts, you can repeat this operation.


According to the methods above, you can merge two or multiple OneDrive accounts as you like. Actually, the second way to merge OneDrive accounts via OneDrive “Sharing” feature is an indirect way, you can’t run different OneDrive accounts simultaneously on one PC. And in this way, you must move all your files manually, which will waste you much time. Therefore, to merge OneDrive accounts easily and quickly, you’d better rely on free CBackupper. Don’t hesitate to try it now!