By Nicky / Last Updated April 9, 2020

Can I merge two or multiple Google Drive accounts into one?

“To get more free cloud storage space, I signed up two Google Drive accounts. I was thinking of merging the two account because I am tired of switching accounts each time to manage my files on different accounts. Is there any way to merge two or multiple Google Drive accounts into one? Thanks in advance for your kindly reply.”

Google Drive is a cloud service, which is used to store, edit, and share the data in the form of documents, sheets, presentations, images, videos, etc. As mentioned in the case, some user may own more than one Google Drive accounts and want to consolidate those accounts into one.

If you are seeking for ways to merge Google Drive accounts, please read on. In the following write up, the reasons and solutions to Merge Google Drive Accounts are being discussed.

Why would you want to merge Google Drive accounts?

To expand storage space: A Google Drive account offers maximum 15 GB free storage. However, this 15 GB storage space is shared among Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ services. Due to this restriction of size, users create more than one Google Drive accounts in order to avail more free space. Thus, it becomes necessary to merge or multiple two Google Drive accounts.

Change of Domain: The another reason for merging Google Drive accounts is changing the domain as a result of graduating from school or college, changing the organization or company, etc.

To save effort: Tired of logging in each Google Drive account every time and managing files among different accounts, you would want to merge your accounts into one. After merging, you can easily transfer files or folders from one cloud drive to another without the need to download it to your computer and upload to cloud, saving much effort.

How to merge two or multiple Google Drive Accounts?

As we all known, combining multiple Google Drives with large amount of data is a merely impossible task by using manual method. Therefore, you will be introduced two effective solutions to merge Google Drive accounts via a third-party cloud drive manager - cBackupper or Google Takeout.

Solution 1. Merge Google Drive accounts via cBackupper (recommend)

cBackupper is a free muti-cloud manger that allows you to combine cloud storage accounts of one cloud drive or different cloud drive into one. You just need to create a cBackupper account and add your cloud storage accounts. Then, with just one single login, you can enjoy huge storage space and manage all your files in different Google Drive accounts flexibly via cBackupper.

To combine cloud storage via cBackupper, you can refer to the following steps.

1. Create a cBackupper account and log in.

Sign Up

2. Navigate to the Clouds tab, click "Add Clouds" at the bottom of My Clouds, select "Google Drive" and click "OK" to add this drive. You can add Google Drive accounts as many as you have.

Add Cloud

Note: cBackupper supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and FTP/SFTP.

3. After adding, all your Google Drive accounts are in one place now. With only one login, you can easily make full use of their storage space and transfer your files on them with cBackupper.

Google Drive Multiple Accounts

4. After combining cloud storage, you can click “Task” tab to move files between cloud storage accounts quickly and easily on just one single interface.

Create Task

4. Name your backup task, click “Add Source” button to add one Google Drive account as the transfer source. Similarly, click “Add Destination” button to add another Google Drive account as the backup destination. Then, click “Start Backup” to execute task.

Add Source and Destination

Solution 2. Merge Google Drive accounts via Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a free utility which is provided by Google. This service can be used to create an archive of the required files from a Google Drive account. And, this archive file could be downloaded and extracted from the Google Drive. After that, it could be uploaded to the destination drive. If you want to transfer your entire “My Drive” to another account at once, then “Google Takeout” is the good option.

1. Log in to Google Takeout. Under “Create a new archive”, click on the box against the option “Drive” and click on “Next Step”.

Google Takeout

2. In the next window, you can customize your archive format by selecting the “Delivery Method” and the “File Type” and click on “Create Archive”.

Google Takeout

3. A progress bar will display the status of your download. Once the archive is finished, download link will be sent via email and you can download it as a zip archive.

4. Once you download the archived file, you can upload it to the user account to which you wanted to transfer these files.


How to merge two or multiple Google Drive accounts has been showed above, you can follow the solution that fits your situation. But if you want to run multiple Google Drive accounts on same computer at the same time, cBackupper can help you achieve it easily.

What’s more, besides Google Drive, you can also add Dropbox and OneDrive on cBackupper to gather the cloud space of each accounts together for better allocation and management. This enables to get unlimited cloud backup space and do not have to pay for extra storage space. This is wonderful!