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User Case

“I have a Google Drive account for my business and a Google Drive account for myself. What I would like to do is sharing the entire contents of my business account with my personal account. If anybody knows how to share whole Google Drive at once. Please suggest.”

Can I Share Entire Google Drive?

Recently, many people register multiple Google Drive accounts due to any possible reason. One of the most common reason is a storage space issue. While having multiple accounts, users may need to share files between the Google Drive account.

Sometimes, in order to manage data in a proper way, users think of sharing it with other account and delete it from this account. However, the main question is how to share Google Drive storage with another account. In order to know all possible methods of doing the same, please go on the section below.

How to Share Entire Google Drive in Efficient Way?

If you want to share entire data from Google Drive at once, no manual method works effectively. Therefore, you are suggested to turn to a professional tool like CBackupper.

CBackupper is free cloud web service that lets users share complete Google Drive with another account at once quickly and completely. In addition, if users want to copy only selective data to another account, this the tool can also help to achieve it easily. You can follow the step-by-step tutorial below to share entire Google Drive with CBackupper.

1. Create a CBackupper account freely and sign in.

Sign Up

2. Add and authorize your two Google Drive accounts under “Clouds” tab.

Add Cloud

3. Click on “Tasks“ tab at the top of the page, then, click “Create Task” button.

Create Task

4. Name your task, click “Add Source” button to add one Google Drive account as the source. Similarly, click “Add Destination” button to add another Google Drive account as the destination.

Add Source and Destination

5. Click “Start Backup” in the lower right corner to perform task.

How to Share Entire Google Drive in Manual Way

Way 1. Via Inbuilt Share Option

In order to provide sharing between the drives, there is one Share option available in Google Drive. A user first need to choose all files and folders from Google Drive and then choose Share option for each folder to complete the process successfully. The detailed steps of sharing files in Google Drive are shown as below:

1. Log in your old Google Drive account. Select all files and right-click “Share” button.

Google Drive Share

2. Invite your another account as the receiver. Click on “Advanced”. Under “Sharing settings”, change the permission to “Is owner” and click the “Send” button to wait for the process to complete.

3. Log in your another account, and you will find these files under “My Drive”.

Way 2. Via Downloading and Uploading

A user can try one more things also to share whole drive at once with another domain or account. Simply, downloading all data on the local machine from one Google Drive and upload it to another Google Drive account. It is one of the widely used manual methods to share entire Google Drive.

1. Log in your old Google Drive account.

2. Create a new folder to store all files under the root directory of your Google Drive. Collect all the files and put them in a new folder.

3. Right-click the new folder, click “Download” button and wait for the process to complete.

4. Open your another account in which you want to keep those files. When the home page opens up, click on the “My Drive” icon and upload files and folder to your other Google Drive account.

Google Drive Upload Files

The Limitations of Manually Ways

No doubt a user can share Google Drive storage using manual methods discussed above. But, there are various limitations that a user might face while using them:

  • A user need to manually choose each item he or she wants to export.

  • In order to share data from Shared With Me or Trash Folder of Google Drive, one needs to perform whole manual process for each folder separately.

  • Both the manual solutions are quite lengthy and time-consuming in the case of large amount of data.

  • Incremental migration is not possible by default in any manual approach discussed above.

  • Sharing entire data of Google Drive at once is not possible manually.

Final Words

That’s all about how to share entire Google Drive, and you can choose a way to follow. But if you want to save time and effort, you are suggested to share entire Google Drive at once with CBackupper. And this way is easy to follow because CBackupper has clear interface and user-friendly design, so, you can work it out quickly even for the first time.