By Kelsey / Last Updated July 23, 2020

Essentials to Backup Computer to iCloud

All computers store important information about individuals or businesses. If a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood suddenly occurs, or even if the computer is stolen, the hard disk is damaged, or the system is hacked, these important data may be lost or leaked.

Now more and more users use cloud storage services because of its convenience, high scalability, and off-site characteristics. No matter what emergencies you encounter, the data stored on the remote server will not be threatened.

How To Backup Computer To iCloud

When it comes to the best cloud backup, we have to think of iCloud designed for all Apple products. It is a good choice to use it to back up the entire computer. iCloud provides 5GB of storage space for each newly registered user. Its high-cost performance is very suitable for backing up computers, so how to backup computer to iCloud?

How to Backup My Computer to iCloud?

As the cloud storage service designed for Apple products, the methods of backing up data to iCloud on Mac and Windows PC are different. How to backup my computer to iCloud will be introduced in this chapter.

Backup Mac to iCloud

Before understanding the answer on how to backup Mac to iCloud, make sure your Mac has been updated to the OS X version and there is enough space on the cloud, continue reading to learn the simple steps.

1. Click the Apple icon on the desktop to go to Settings, select System Preferences, and then start iCloud.

System Preferences iCloud

2. If you are using iCloud for the first time or are not logged in on the device, enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

Sign In iCloud

3. After signing in, you only need to confirm the type of files to be stored on iCloud. For example, if you need to upload the data on Photos, Mail, Notes, etc. to iCloud, check the box in front of them to enable it.

Select Backup Data Type

4. Alternatively, click Finder, navigate to the iCloud Drive on your Mac. You only need to upload the data file to Drive by "copy and paste" or "drag and drop", and the data will be backed up to iCloud.

iCloud Drive

Backup Windows PC to iCloud

As a Windows user, how to backup computer files to iCloud? Even if iCloud is a service specifically designed for Apple products, there are ways to backup Windows PC to iCloud.

1. First, go to the iCloud website and download iCloud for Windows. If you are using Windows 10 OS, you can also go to the Microsoft Store to download it.

2. After the iCloud installation is complete, restart the computer. Launch iCloud and enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

3. The system will then prompt you to select the content to be backed up, check the box in front of the content to be backed up, and then click Apply to save.

Windows Select Backup Data Type

4. In addition, you can find a folder named iCloud Drive in File Explorer, where you can view the files backed up in iCloud. Alternatively, open a browser, enter and sign in to access your backup data.

Windows iCloud Drive

Better Cloud Storage Service for Windows Users

One of the reasons why iCloud is loved by users is that it is integrated on all Apple devices to facilitate Apple users. This is a feature that Windows users cannot enjoy. For Windows users, the following cloud storage services may be a better choice.


As a Windows user, you must know that this top free cloud storage solution launched by Microsoft - OneDrive. It is pre-installed in Windows OS and provides 5GB of free storage space for each account. With OneDrive, you can store any file and organize them according to file type, and be able to access them from any device at any time.

OneDrive Sign Up Page

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the favorite cloud backup users today, which can meet the needs of most people. It provides 15GB of free space and can collaborate with all Google services (such as Documents, Sheets, Slides, etc.) and sync them to Google Drive. It is also worth mentioning that if you do not have high requirements for the quality of the photos, select the "High Quality" option in Google Drive to store the photos unlimitedly.

Google Drive


Compared with the above two services, Dropbox has a powerful backup function. With Dropbox, you can share files with anyone and automatically sync files. In addition, Dropbox provides users with a remote wipe function that supports erasing documents from the device, thereby protecting all data on the lost device. Although Dropbox only provides 2GB of storage space for each new account, it is still one of the most popular cloud storage services.

Dropbox Main Page

How to Get Unlimited Space?

The types of files that need to be backed up on our computers are diverse, and the storage space provided free of charge by these cloud storage services will soon be filled up. In this case, you can use the professional online cloud service - cBackupper to combine multiple accounts belonging to one cloud storage or cloud storage of different brands. In this way, you can merge your cloud storage to get unlimited cloud backup space for free.

1. Register cBackupper account and sign in. If you are not a user, you can sign in directly.

Sign Up

2. Under the Clouds tab, click Add Clouds in the lower-left corner, and then select the storage service you need to add and click OK after completing the authorization.

Add Cloud

3. After repeating Step 2 to add all accounts, they will be listed under the My Clouds list. The combined Total Space will be displayed in the lower-left corner.

total space

Final Words

The above contents show you how to backup computer to iCloud, both Mac users and Windows users can find the corresponding method. If you are a Windows user, you can also use other cloud storage services to protect data and use cBackupper to combine cloud storage space. More importantly, it is a free and web-based service, don't hesitate to use it.