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What is Gallery App?

The gallery app is a simple tool to view, manage, and organize images and videos on your Android phone. Some phones have a dedicated gallery app preinstalled. For instance, you have the OnePlus Gallery, Samsung Gallery, Mi Gallery, and others. Of course, you can always install third-party gallery apps from Play Store. While each gallery app offers unique features, the inherent function remains the same. They all differ slightly by the user interface and customization settings.

The following picture shows a typical Android Gallery app with images organized into albums:

Gallery APP

Most popular Gallery app for Samsung users

Generally, almost each Android manufacturer (Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.) supplies a Gallery app to store your photos, and these Gallery apps vary depending on the manufacturer. For Samsung users, there are two most commonly used Gallery app: Samsung Gallery and Google Photos.

  • Samsung Gallery App

Samsung Gallery is a professional application for image and video viewing that works for Galaxy users. You can view your image and video with a fast and cool way through Samsung Gallery used and recognized in Galaxy smartphone globally. Besides enhanced security helps protect your image and videos in safe, you can also enjoy your image and video anywhere through cloud sync with signing in same account.

Samsung Gallery APP

  • Google Photos App

Google Photos a traditional app made for the way you take photos today and includes essential features like shared albums, automatic creations, and an advanced editing suite. You won’t have to worry about storage either as you can choose to automatically back up all your photos and videos for free in high quality. You can then access them from any connected device and on

Google Photos APP

Google Photos vs Samsung Gallery: Which One Is Better?

To organize and manage your images and videos on Samsung Galaxy smartphone, both Samsung Gallery and Google Photos have their own advantages. In the following contents, we will introduce Samsung Gallery and Google Photos from several aspects, please keep reading.

1. Cross-platform availability

Similar to other Google services, Google Photos is available everywhere. It has native app support for iOS, Android, and has a capable Web version. While Samsung Gallery app is only available for Galaxy devices. So, if you want to access images on another platform, you will have to perform a backup.

2. File viewing and searching

The search and face recognition of Google Photos is industry-leading that can help you search pictures, even an old one, easily and quickly. You can search for photos by typing more natural or descriptive terms, and even use facial recognition and other methods for identifying the contents of a photo to add relevant metatags.

However, Google Photos is limited in terms of viewing and accessing the images on the device as the default screen only shows the uploaded images. If you want to view a photo via Google Photos that you haven't uploaded to Google Cloud, you will need to tap on folders > search through a relevant folder and then access the pictures.

On the contrary, Samsung Gallery are designed for device folders. They provide a perfect interface for viewing and managing files. When you launch Samsung Gallery, it directly shows you the albums. You can customize the interface and organize the files in many ways. However, Samsung's has a flaw in file searching aspect as it doesn't offer the keyword search that Google photos has. The Samsung gallery search didn't work for any keyword

3. Editing options

By default, both Google Photos and Samsung Gallery support rich editing options. With Google Photos, you can apply various filters, change the intensity of light and colors, and use crop and rotate functions. Apart from that, you can create a Collage photo, make an animation using a bunch of images, and even create a video from scratch using default music and floating animations.

Samsung is advanced in this area. The editing options include the ability to apply filters, add stickers and typography, etc. One can also play with advanced options such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and highlights. The doodling is also there, which is quite useful on a Note device. And similar to Google Photos, one can also create videos using pictures, background, and animations. You can add text on the videos too.

4. Backup and sharing

Google, by default, store all the images on Google servers. You can get unlimited storage as long as you upload photos at high-quality or get 15GB of free storage with original quality. Sharing is where Google Photos truly shines. You can select a bunch of photos and create a link, make a shared album, or add their Gmail ID to send an invite link.

Samsung has partnered with Microsoft, and as a result, the company has ditched Samsung cloud in favor of OneDrive integration in the Gallery app. Starting with One UI 2.0, the users will be able to enjoy the seamless integration of OneDrive in the default app.

How to use Google Photos instead of Samsung Gallery as default?

While you can use both Google Photos and your built-in Gallery app at the same time, you'll have to choose one as the default. Luckily, Android makes it easy to set and change default apps by going into your settings.

On the Samsung Galaxy, images and videos are opened by default with the Samsung Gallery app. But if you prefer to use the Google Photo app and want it to open pictures, photos and videos by default, you can learn how to change the default Gallery app, which was opened for photos and videos, to Google Photos here:

1. Open the app menu on the Samsung Galaxy, then select Settings.

2. Tap on the three-point symbol in the upper right corner and select "Standard Apps".

3. Continue to "Set as default". All apps that are set as default for a file type or action on this phone will be listed here.

4. Looking for the Gallery app for images and videos. In the next submenu, press "Clear defaults".

Samsung Gallery Clear Defaults

5. Then open a photo or a video, your phone will prompt you to select a default app for this file type, with which app it should now be opened. Select Google Photos here.


After learning the battle: Google Photos vs Samsung Gallery, you may already have a decision in your heart. But if you can’t make a choice because of their own unique features, you can use them simultaneously. On the Samsung Galaxy, images and videos are opened by default with the Samsung Gallery app. So, don’t forget to change the default app according to your needs.