By Kelsey / Last Updated April 20, 2020

I lost photos on Google Photos!

“About a week ago, I went to my albums and found that my Google Photos missing albums all. I checked through the phone app so I thought I should check Google Photos on my computer. They were missing on the computer as well. I figured maybe Google Photos was glitching out and decided to wait a few days to see if anything changes. It’s been more than a week and the albums still don’t show up. Does anyone know how to get my albums back?”

Since the advent of Google Photos and its unlimited high-quality cloud storage, Google has provided a convenient photo backup method of your Google Drive. But like this user, inevitably, we sometimes encounter situations where we can’t find photos on Google Photos.

Google Photos missing albums, why it occurs?

Google Photos Missing Albums


Possible Causes of Photo Missing on Google Photos

Photo missing on Google Photos is a common case, and this case can be caused by different reasons. There are some possible reasons:

  • You have multiple Google accounts, but you are not logged in to the correct account containing the photos you need.

  • You may accidentally delete it but unaware of it.

  • You tapped "Free up space" on Google Photos, the photo or video may have been deleted from your device.

  • You may hide the photo from the Photo view but forget it.

  • Temporary technical problems caused either by use-side network issues or bugs from Google Photos.

  • You may sync your device with Google Photos, so if you enter the device and delete the photo, the photo will also be deleted in the cloud.

If you also cause that Google Photos lose photos due to deletion or other reasons, read on this post further to know how to recover lost photos on Google Photos.

How to Recover Lost Photos on Google Photos (6 Methods)?

When using Google Photos, the problem of Google Photos lost photos is very common, if you also encounter the situation of the brother will be a headache. Don't worry, please read on. Some feasible methods may help you get rid of this problem.

Method 1. Check your account

Some photos may look like they disappeared because you’re in a different account.

What you need to do is to confirm whether the currently logged in account is the account to which you backed up the photos, if not, please log out, and then log in with the correct account.

Method 2. Check archive

If you tapped “Free up space” on Google Photos, the photo or video may have been deleted from your device. But you can find them in the Google Photos app.

  • On your computer, open

  • Click Menu and then click Archive.

  • Select a photo. To select multiple photos, point to each photo and click Select.

  • Click More (three-dot icon) and then click Unarchive.

Method 3. Trash at Google Photos

If you accidentally delete photos, it may still be in trash. You may still be able to get it back.

  • On your computer, go to

  • Click Menu and then click Trash.

  • Place your cursor over the photo you want to restore, then click Select.

  • At the top right, click Restore. That photo will be restored to your Google Photos library and added back into any albums it was in.

It may have been deleted permanently. If the photo has been in trash for more than 60 days, the photo may be gone.

Method 4. Try incognito mode

Incognito mode is only a partial fix for the problem that missing photos on Google Photos, but you can try this method.

  • Open a New incognito window in the browser.

New Incognito Mode

  • Log in to your Google account, go to, your lost photos may be automatically displayed in incognito mode.

  • Open the photo or album you want and close it. Then, return to the standard browser window and close all tabs.

  • Enter Google Photos again and your files will be displayed immediately.

Method 5. Disable extensions/add-ons/plug-ins

Disable or uninstall an add-on completely if the source or website you downloaded it from is not trusted or reputable. Some add-ons from untrusted third-parties may pose security threats, and could potentially harm your computer if you keep them installed in your browser. This may also be the cause of Google Photos lost photos.

  • Click the Chrome menu button.

Disable Add Ons Step 1

  • Select More Tools.

Disable Add Ons Step 2

  • Click Extensions in the submenu displayed on the left.

Disable Add Ons Step 3

  • Click the toggle switch of the extension you want to disable to turn it off. Or click the Remove at the bottom of the extension to uninstall it

Disable Add Ons Step 4

  • If you have too many add-ons, reset Chrome to disable all add-ons.

Click the Chrome Menu button, then click Settings and choose Advanced at the bottom of the menu. Scroll down and click Reset settings to their original defaults.

Disable Add Ons Step 5

Method 6. Contact with Google support team

If none of the above methods solve the problem, try to contact the Google support team and seek their help to learn solutions of recovering missing photos on Google Photos.

Google Contact Us

  • Select any of the three options – Request call-back, Request chat or Email support. A Google support executive will get in touch with you to fix the issue.

Choose A Contact Method

How to Recover Photos from Google Account?

You may want to find your photos missing on your Google account for some reason. Usually, the process of recovering deleted Google account photos depends on two factors:

1. Having a backup of your files

2. Not having a backup of your files

Let's look how to recover photos under these two factors.Recover Photos From Google Account

Bonus Tip: Backup Photos in Advance to Prevent Loss

Google Photos is a convenient service for us to manage and access our photos, but when you urgently need some important photos in work or study, Google Photos lost photos will become a very troublesome issue.

To prevent the loss of photos, it is best to use cloud backup tools such as cBackupper to back up important photos and files on Google Drive or any other cloud storage in advance.

cBackupper Main Page

cBackupper is a professional online cloud service, which can help to quickly transfer the data in the cloud disk to another cloud disk without using the computer as a transmission intermediary, so it will not occupy the computer's memory and network resources. Even if you lose your photos in Google Drive, you have a backup version on other clouds.


  • Schedule: If you want to transfer files regularly, you could enable "Schedule" so cBackupper can run your task as scheduled.


  • File Filter: The folder may contain some files that do not need to be backed up (such as system files, cache files, etc.), you can set the file type specified by the backup. By setting filter type or retention type, save backup time and space.

File Filter

  • As soon as your task starts, you can close the page or even shut down your computer, cBackupper can run your task in the background.

Final Words

This is all the reason why Google Photos lost photos appeared. The solution is also introduced for you, these steps will help you solve this problem, you can try these methods.

But the reasons for the loss of Google Photos are sometimes complicated, even for some unknown reasons. It becomes very difficult to fix this problem. So please don't forget to use the free cBackupper to back up your cloud storage in advance, it can help you quickly and easily solve your cloud storage errors.