By Nicky / Last Updated April 28, 2020

Hidden album on Google Photos

Storing Photos on the cloud is a great way to protect your photos and save local storage space. Google Photos is one of the most popular cloud storage for photos because it provides users with unlimited storage as long as you upload your photos and videos in High Quality mode. In addition, it also offers many advanced features like shared albums, automatic creations, and an advanced editing suite.

Nowadays, more and more users choose to back up their photos to Google Photos. After uploading, they can access and manage these photos from any devices. However, there may be some private photos among the uploaded photos that user does not want to display them on the main page of Google Photos. Given this situation, Google is rolling out a new feature that can help users hide photos that they want to save but don't necessarily want others to see.

Called Archive, the feature is now available for both Android and iOS users as well as the desktop version of Google Photos. To hide pictures, you just need to select them and choose Archive to hide them. After archiving, the photos will no longer display on your album or homepage, but they remain in your Google Photos and you can view them in the Archive option.

Why need to create hidden album on Google Photos?

The biggest reason for hiding photos on Google Photos is that we often have some private photos and videos on Google Photos. To avoid accidentally exposure, we may want to create a hidden album to make photos that visible only to ourselves.

For example, sometimes you need to login to your Google account when your computer or laptop is connected to a projector, or while showing some pictures to your friends directly from a laptop screen. But it could happen that you accidentally bring up some of your personal pictures, leading to definitive embarrassment.

It is also because that some photos on Google Photos can be an embarrassing reminder of the silly selfie you took, text message conversation you screenshotted, or embarrassing picture you sent. Although these photos may make you feel awkward, you still want to keep them in a private album.

How to hide or unhide photos on Google Photos?

1. Login to your Google Photos account using username and password.

2. On the Home screen, you will see all the images uploaded by you. Now click on “Options” (Three horizontal lines given at the top left).

Google Photos Hidden Album

3. Choose “Archive” fifth option from the top.

Google Photos Hidden Album

4. In the Archive page, click “Add photos” on the top right. Then, select the photos you want to archive. After selection, click “Done” on the top right.

Google Photos Hidden Album

Note: Alternatively, on the home page, you can tick the photos you need, and then click the three dots icon on the top right. In the drop-down menu, select “Archive”.

Google Photos Hidden Album

5. Now, your selected photos have been archived, if you want to view the photos you have just hide, you can click “Archive” option (as shown in the picture in step three) to see all them here. If you want to archive more photos, click "Add Photos" on the top right.

Google Photos Hidden Album

6. If you want to unhide these photos, you can select photos you need, and then click the three dots icon on the top right to select “Unarchive” in the drop-down menu. Then, your photos will be on the home screen of your Google Photos.

Google Photos Hidden Album

You can also create a hidden album on Google Photos app on your mobile devices with the following steps:

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app.

2. Sign in to your Google Account.

3. Select a photo and then tap “Menu button (three dots icon on the top left) > “Archive”.

Google Photos Hidden Album

Note: The mobile Google Photos app also shows photos that are in folders on the device. You can hide these folders by adding an empty file with file name .nomedia to the folder. The folder will no longer be shown in Google Photos, and probably also other galleries, but can still be see in a file manager.

4. After archiving, you can click “Archive” to view your hidden photos here.

Google Photos Hidden Album

5. To unarchive your photos, select the photos and click the three dots icon on the top right to select “Unarchive” in the drop-down menu.


That’s all about hidden album on Google, no matter you want to hide or unhide photos on Google Photos, you can follow the steps above to achieve it. Hiding private photos on Google Photos is a good way to protect your privacy and help you avoid embarrassing situation caused by unexpected photos sharing.