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My Google Drive Stuck On "Starting Upload"!

“I uploaded files for almost two weeks using chrome then suddenly Google Drive stuck at 'Starting upload'. Clear cache and data did not help. Please help, thanks!”

Google Drive Starting Upload

Why Google Drive Stuck Uploading?

For many people, Google Drive has become the best tool for storing important data. But many people have encountered the situation where Google Drive freezes and upload errors: Google Drive stuck on “Waiting to upload” on Android device and “Starting upload” on PC.

Various reasons may slow down the upload. In addition to file size and bandwidth, Internet connection, browser or application cache, server interruption, application version are all factors you need to consider. So how to solve Google Drive upload stuck on PC and Android devices? Keep reading to learn the solutions.

How to Fix Google Drive Upload Stuck?

Google Drive stuck uploading files for several days or even weeks greatly affects the user's efficiency. Don't worry, we provide you with the most effective solutions, no matter if your problem occurs on your Android device or PC.

#1. Stuck on Waiting to upload

Google Drive "Waiting to upload" stuck in the process of storing files. But these methods can be effectively solved.

Method 1. Clear cache

1. Open Google Drive on the Android device and click the menu icon in the upper left corner.

2. Go to Settings, click Clear Cache, and then press OK.

3. Restart the device and log in to Google Drive to upload files.

Google Drive Clear Cache

Method 2. Force stop Google Drive

1. Go to Settings of the device, then click Apps & notifications, and open the Google Drive app.

2. Click FORCE STOP, and then restart Google Drive.

Click Force Stop

Method 3. Turn off Wi-Fi

1. Open Google Drive and go to Settings.

2. On this page, toggle the switch to turn off Transfer files only over Wi-Fi. Then upload the files again.

Turn off transfer files only over Wi-Fi

Method 4. Update the application

If you are running an old version of Google Drive, there may be bugs and errors in the program. Please update to the latest version of Google Drive in the Google Play store and restart your phone to use it.

#2. Stuck on Starting upload

If you log in and use Google Drive on the web page, sometimes Google Drive stuck on “Starting upload”. Use the following methods to fix the problem.

Method 1. Check the internet

1. Press “Win + I” key to open the Settings window and go to Network & Internet.

2. You can check whether the network is in good condition if there is a problem, scroll, find, and click Network troubleshooter to solve.

Network troubleshooter

Method 2. Turn off any browser extensions

1. Enter the Chrome browser, type chrome://extensions/ and go. Or click More in the upper right corner, go to More tools > Extensions.

Chrome Extensions

2. Right-click to select the extension, and then toggle the switch to disable or click Remove to delete the extension.

Disable Extensions

Method 3. Clear cache and data of browser

1. Go to Google Chrome, click More in the upper right corner, then click More tools > Clear browsing data...

clear browsing data

2. Set Time range to All time, check "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files", and click CLEAR DATA.

Browser Clear Data

Method 4. Upload files with incognito mode

1. Go to Google Chrome, click More in the upper right corner and select New incognito window.

New Incognito Window

2. Navigate to and log in to your Google account.

3. Upload the file again to see if it works.

Method 5. Switch to other cloud storage

When Google Drive strikes, you must spend more time to solve it, thereby reducing work or study efficiency. Many excellent cloud drives on the market can replace Google Drive to store your data.

Windows users can use OneDrive as an online storage service of Microsoft. It can not only store any type of files, but also integrates well with Office 365. Besides, Dropbox is also a fine choice. As one of the earliest cloud storage services, it runs stably and provides easy-to-sync features.

Tips: backup your Google Drive data

If you have important data stored in Google Drive when this kind of error occurs again, the data will be easily lost or damaged, and you may forget the important data in Google Drive if you switch to another cloud drive for use. You need to backup your Google Drive to other cloud drives. Fortunately, using a professional cloud backup service such as CBackupper can help you automatically backup Google Drive data to another cloud drive with ease.

1. Sign up for a CBackupper account and sign in.

Sign Up

2. Click Add Clouds under the Clouds tab, then select the storage service that needs to be added, and click OK after completing the authorization.

Add Google Drive

3. Click Create Task under the Tasks tab. Click Add Source to select Google Drive as the backup source, and click Add Destination to select another cloud drive you are switching to.

Add Source Destination

4. Click Start Backup after setting.

Transfer Google Drive to OneDrive

Final Words

Usually, you can fix Google Drive upload stuck according to the above methods. However, if you are tired of using Google Drive and need to switch to another cloud drive, it is strongly recommended that you use CBackupper to back up your important data in Google Drive to another cloud drive.