By Kelsey / Last Updated July 15, 2020

User Case

User A: “I personally use Windows 10, I am uploading about 100,000 photos, and Google Backup & Sync shuts down or crashes by itself after about 2 hours. It's frustrating, I want to do it well when I come home from work.”

User B: “I have downloaded Backup and Sync on my computer. However, when I try to open it. I have an error message and can't use the file. Please see attach error. I have deleted it several times and tried to install it and open it on my computer but every time I have the same fatal error. Could you please help? Thank you. ”

On Mac Not Working

As a Mac or Windows 10 user, do you have the same trouble? Let us master how to solve Google Backup and Sync not working through this article.

Why is Backup and Sync Not Working?

Backup and Sync is a desktop application on Mac and PC that can safely back up your files and photos to your Google Drive account. If your computer stops working or replaces your computer, you can use Back and Sync to easily restore these files to your new computer.

Backup And Sync

However, many Backup and Sync users check that they have encountered such a situation, their Google Backup and Sync stopped working. There are several reasons that may cause this problem:

  • Google Drive app is not updated.

  • Storage space is full.

  • Network connection failure.

  • Since the third-party application stopped any task access to Drive.

  • App data may get corrupted.

On Mac: Ways to Fix Google Backup and Sync Not Working

If Backup and Sync suddenly fails to work, it will cause great inconvenience to users. This page will provide solutions and simple steps to fix Google Backup and Sync on Mac not working errors.

Method 1. Update to the latest version of the program.

Step 1. On your computer, go to the Backup and Sync download page.

Step 2. Download the latest version for backup and synchronization.

Step 3. During the installation process, when asked to replace the current version, click Yes.

Method 2. Change Proxy Settings.

If you are running a proxy, please try to open Backup and Sync on any other network to check if the login in work. Otherwise, you can try to use the US IP address fox to fix the problem that Google Backup cannot log in.

In Windows: Ways to Repair Google Backup and Sync Not Working

If you are a Windows user, try the following methods to solve Google Backup and Sync not working in Windows 10.

Method 1. Reinstall Google Backup and Sync.

Step 1. Type Control Panel in the Search box of Windows 10 and choose the best-matched one.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, choose Uninstall a program under Programs to continue.

Step 3. Then select the Backup and Sync from Google and right-click it.

Step 4. Next, click Uninstall to continue.

Step 5. After that, you can go to and download the Backup and Sync from Google again.

Step 6. Next, install Backup and Sync again on your computer.

When all steps are finished, check whether the error Google sync and backup not working is solved.

Method 2. Run Backup and Sync as Administrator.

If Backup and Sync lacks administrative rights, you may also encounter errors with Google Backup and Sync not opening.

Step 1. Right-click the desktop shortcut of Backup and Sync for Google and choose Properties to continue.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, go to the Compatibility tab.

Step 3. Then check the option Run as an administrator to continue.

Run Backup And Sync As Administrator

Method 3. Restart the program.

Step 1. Click Google Drive icon in the system tray, click More Options icon and select “Quit Backup and Sync”.

Step 2. Then open Google Backup and Sync again.

Quit Backup And Sync

Method 4. Disable Firewall/ Antivirus Programs.

Turn off or remove the Windows firewall and other third-party antivirus programs, and check whether you can log in to the Google backup application. If you can log in after that, you need to continue to run the firewall or antivirus.

An Alternative Tool to Backup Google Drive Files- cBackupper

The above solutions can temporarily help you solve the problem, but it is inevitable that other problems will occur with Google Backup and Sync.

If you are tired of dealing with various issues while using Backup and Sync, you can use a third-party cloud service (such as cBackupper) to back up your Google Drive files. You can also use it to connect Google Backup and Sync multiple accounts, and backup files between different Google Drive accounts (the number of accounts is not limited).

Here are the steps to backup your Google Drive files via cBackupper:

Step 1. Navigate to the cBackupper page to create an account and Sign in.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add and authorize your Google Drive account, you can also add other accounts in the same way (cBackupper also supports OneDrive, Dropbox and other cloud drives).

Add Google Drive

Step 3. You can name the cloud drive according to your needs. By default, all free space in your cloud drive account will be used for backup.

Allocated Space Google Drive

Note: You can also click Allocate to change options. You can pre-set a fixed space for backup or remain some space for storing other files.

Allocate Space Feature

Step 4. When you want to execute a backup task, click Tasks at the top of the page and click Create task.

Create Task

Final Words

The above is the causes and solutions about Google Backup and Sync on Mac and Windows not working. However, the desktop application Backup and Sync will inevitably have various problems, and it is time-consuming and troublesome to repair it from time to time. Please don't forget to use the alternative tool cBackupper to back up your Google Drive, it can help you when you are troubled by cloud drive errors.