By AOMEI / Last Updated March 18, 2020

With the development of Internet, there are many Internet products that can provide resources for free data storage. In terms of network storage, in addition to the current large-scale network disks such as Microsoft azure, there are many free cloud storage for users.

About Microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure Backup is an affordable one-key backup software that simplifies data recovery operations and is easier to implement than other cloud backup services.

Microsoft Azure backup is simple because it is built into the platform. It supports one-click backup of SQL databases and virtual machines running in Azure. Azure Backup is affordable and no other cloud backup solution is complex, it also keeps your data away from ransomware and human error.

The necessity of cloud backup

Cloud backup should be included in cloud storage. Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage are to back up data on the network. A third party provides backup cloud space in the form of free or charge. Now the cloud storage has added mobile phone address book, SMS, photos and other backup storage modules, which is cloud backup, which is also a measure of cloud backup to increase user groups and user viscosity.

Personal data is generally divided into two categories: private data and non private data, and so is the data in mobile phones. For example, music, movies, contacts, non privacy contacts, SMS, photos, etc. can be backed up to the network cloud, but is it safe to upload SMS, photos, memos and other information related to personal privacy to the network? For this kind of privacy data, you want to back them up in your own hands, as the vpan V disk advertisement said: There is always something you want to hold in your hands.

cBackupper - Cloud to Cloud Backup

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● Insufficient storage of original cloud

Add your cloud drive to cloud backup, and then simply and safely transfer your data from one cloud to another without losing data, which not only protects your key personal and business data, but also solves the problem.

● Independent transmission device

The backup and restore from cloud to cloud does’t depend on the local machine. Even if you shut down the computer, data continues to complete until the backup or restore task is completed.

● Secure data storage

Encrypted and password protected. Cloud backup is an independent personal account, with certain security guarantee. There is no need to worry about personal information data disclosure.

● Free for data transmission rate

Because data cannot be transferred between cloud backup and cloud backup, an cBackupper is needed to transfer data. There is no need to worry about cloud backup because of insufficient storage. Unlimited data transmission, and if the transmitted cloud backup space is insufficient, the data can also be automatically backed up to another cloud backup. Even duplicate files don't take up extra space.

● Backup schedules

You can customize the daily, weekly, and monthly backup schedules. cBackupper will periodically backup your data, and you don't have to worry about forgetting to back up. You only need one-click setting, you can easily back up without turning on the computer.

● Simple steps

1. Subscribe/log in.
2. Add Google Drive.
3. Select the file you want to backup.
4. Select Google Drive as backup destination.
5. Done.

With the help of cBackupper, no matter what happen to your PC or phone, you won't have to worry about data loss. Easy to operate, beginners can also master immediately, let's back it up together now!