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Can I delete files from Google Drive after uploading?

“There are many duplicate photos in my Google Drive that takes too much storage space! Can I delete files from Google Drive after uploading? If I can, please tell me how to do it easily. Any kindly answer will be appreciated!”

Delete Files from Google Drive

Why users want to delete files from Google Drive?

Actually, the main reason for people deleting files from Google Drive is to free up some storage in the cloud drive. As we know, Google Drive provides their users with 15 GB storage space for free. Compared to Dropbox's 2 GB and Box's 10 GB, 15 GB seems to be a considerable number. However, the 15GB limit includes not only your Google Drive, but also your messages and attachments of Gmail account, and Google Photos.

In this case, the free storage space will be run out of quickly, especially for the people who backup their files manually and more frequently thus making multiple copies of the same file. Ultimately, if users don’t want to pay for more storage space, they may need to delete some files to make up space for new and more important files.

How to delete files from Google Drive?

If you have so many files that it is becoming difficult to find the important ones or you are running out of free space. You can follow the proper instructions as below to delete files from Google Drive and make space in your Google drive.

Method 1. Delete files from Google Drive via website

The first method we are going to discuss is how to delete files from Google Drive by accessing the website. The step by step process is given below:

1. Visit Google Drive official website through a browser and log in your Google account.

2. You will be able to see all the data files stored in the drive. Select the files which you want to delete. You can either select one file at a time or multiple files to delete them all at once.

Google Drive Remove

Note: The selected files will be deleted in some moments and you will have extra space in your drive. Don’t worry in case you accidentally delete any important file because the files are transferred from main folder to Trash Bin. You will be able to see those file for 30 days before they automatically gets deleted from there.

Method 2. Delete files from Google Drive via app

Besides website, users can also delete files from Google Drive using the mobile app. This method is somehow more convenient as most of the phones come with inbuilt Google store apps. To delete the files please follow the steps below:

1. Launch Google Drive app in your mobile phone and log in your Google account.

2. All the stored files will be displayed on the home screen. Select the file or folder you want to delete from the Drive and click on three point icon.

Google Drive Mobile App Download

3. When you click on the icon, many options will appear. Select the Remove option from the list and the files will be transferred to the Trash bin.

Google Drive Mobile App Remove

Note: The files will automatically be deleted from the drive after 30 days of inactivity.

Bonus Tip: Combine cloud storage to get more free space

Actually, if don’t want to free up storage space by deleting files regularly, you can find a way to combine cloud storages and get more cloud storage space. I recommend you to use a tool like CBackupper to help achieve this goal.

CBackupper is a professional and reliable cloud services, which allows you to add cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox to combine cloud storage and get more free space on one platform. And after adding, you can run multiple cloud storage accounts at once to get as much free space as you can. To combine cloud storage to get more free space with CBackupper, please refer to the following steps:

1. Create a CBackupper account freely and sign in.

Sign Up

2. Add and authorize your cloud drive account under the “Clouds” tab.

Add Cloud

Note: CBackupper bases on standard OAuth system that can ensure your account’s security. There is no need to worry about personal information data disclosure.

After adding your cloud drives, all cloud services are in one place now, you can easily make full use of their free storage space and manage them with CBackupper. And besides combining cloud storage, CBackupper is also a cloud backup services, you can click on “Tasks” tab at the top of the page to transfer files between cloud storage CBackupper if needed.

Create Task


It is not hard to see that deleting files from Google Drive is not a difficult work, and you can delete the unimportant or duplicate files to free up space by following the detailed steps below. However, to get more free storage space, using CBackupper to combine multiple cloud storage accounts is a better way for you. And besides combining cloud storages, it can also help you move files between cloud storage easily and quickly, just can try it for free.