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CBackupper - Easy Online Cloud Backup Solution

  • Combine free space of all clouds, get unlimited cloud backup space for free.
  • Fully use idle space to save crucial data with professional backup methods.
  • Cloud to cloud backup, keep all cloud data safe.
  • Never store user data, safe and reliable.

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In an era when information is full of our lives, we have a lot of important documents and data generated at work. When we travel or want to record the good times in our lives, we take a lot of photos and videos. In the past, we used hard drives and USB to store or transfer our data. But now, more people choose to use the cloud disk for storage such as Google Cloud Storage because of its convenience. In a way, the development of technology symbolizes the growth of people’s needs. Today I want to recommend a software that can help you manage your cloud disk.

About Google Cloud Storage

When you need to store large blobs larger than 10 MB (for example, large-capacity images or movies), we often use Google Cloud Storage. The main work:

• Store and stream multimedia

• Store custom data analysis pipeline

• Archive, backup, disaster recovery

With Cloud Storage, we can store and retrieve data on the world at any time (no amount of data). We can use Cloud Storage in a range of scenarios, including delivering website content, storing data for archiving and disaster recovery, or distributing large data objects to users via direct download. And his tariffs are as follows:


We can learn more about Cloud Storage through Google's official website.

But many users sometimes encounter a problem. When our storage space is full and we don't want to continue to renew, how do we migrate and manage the data?

The most convenient cloud management software

I believe that many users have had insufficient storage space for the cloud disk or the expiration of the purchase. When we don't want to continue to buy space or renew, we need to find a local hard drive to download the data of the savings cloud disk. If we have too many files or too large data, we will need more memory of hard disk. We still need a lot of time to download, in addition, if the download speed is too slow, it will make us feel troublesome.

Here, I recommend a very convenient cloud management software to you - CBackupper. He can manage your different cloud disks and perform data transfer, backup, and restore. CBackupper will save all the information of your data while backing up, keeping its integrity, and makes it can be recognized by you to restore if required. When the storage of Google Cloud Storage is full and we don't want to renew it, we can use it to transfer data to your other cloud and backup. This means that we don't need to find a hard drive with more storage to download all of our data.

How to manage cloud disk with CBackupper?

CBackupper's operation steps are very convenient, and it only takes a few steps to achieve our goal efficiently.

Step 1. Log in to CBackupper and register an account.

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Step 2. Add your Google Cloud Storage.

Add Cloud

Step 3. Select the data you want to transfer in your Google Cloud Storage.

Add Source

Step 4. Select the destination cloud disk you want to transfer to.

Add Destination

Step 5. Done.


CBackupper is a powerful and convenient cloud data management software, in addition to the features I can describe data migration above, you could set up scheduled backup tasks to automatically run the task daily/weekly/monthly in the future without any repeated works. You can also choose to notify you by email after the automatic backup, version cleanup, file filter so that you can do the rest you want. This software is very flexible and convenient, I highly recommend you give it a try.