By Kelsey / Last Updated July 31, 2020

“I'm trying to move my 16 GB SD card data to my 64 GB SD card via Google drive... And I'm thinking about storing the SD card data in Google Cloud, which might protect them better. How do I backup my SD card to Google Drive?”

With the prevalence of cloud storage services, more and more people are accustomed to storing data in the cloud. For many users, backing up the SD card to the cloud is a necessary choice to avoid the loss of important data. In this guide, you can learn how to backup SD card to Google Drive in many situations, and you will also know how to expand the cloud storage space for free.

Why Backup SD Card Files to Google Drive?

Google Drive has more than one billion users worldwide, and in 2020, it will still be the largest cloud storage service. Backing up data to Google Drive can effectively guarantee its security. Besides, there are the following indispensable reasons.

  • With large free storage: Whenever you register for a Google account, it will automatically create a drive account with 15GB of storage space for you to store important files, documents, pictures, etc.

  • Easy to access: Compared with SD card or other external storage methods, backing up data in Google Drive can access files anytime and anywhere through the network, and there is no need to worry about local accidents that will cause data loss on the cloud.

  • Cut cost: Backup files to Google Drive, so you don't have to buy other hard drives to keep your data. You can subscribe to the plan according to your needs, or use some other tools to get more space for free, saving money and effort.

Ultimate Guide to Backup SD Card to Google Drive

How to transfer files from SD card to Google Drive? In this chapter you will learn the detailed steps of the solutions.

Backup Android SD Card to Google Drive

For Android users, transferring SD card data is a common requirement. Follow the steps below to learn how to backup SD card to Google Drive from Android.

Way 1. Use Google Drive app

1. Download the Google Drive app to your Android device, launch, and log in to your account.

Android Google Drive

2. Click the Folder icon located at the bottom right corner of the page and select the folder you use to store SD card data.

Android Open Folder

3. Click Create new icon (plus), then click Upload, select the file or folder to be backed up, and finally click Done.

Android New Upload

Way 2. Use Photo Gallery

This method is suitable for users who only need to transfer photos or videos from the SD card to Google Drive.

1. Navigate to the Photo Gallery of your Android device, then click the Send or Menu button on the screen. If you are using Samsung, click SHARE to continue.

Samsung Share Option

2. Click Save to Drive to upload pictures or videos to Google Drive.

Save to Drive

3. The backup progress will be displayed on the page, waiting for all photos to be uploaded to Google Cloud.

Samsung Gallery To Google Photos

Backup PC SD Card to Google Drive

In addition to backing up the SD card on the mobile device to the cloud, you can also back up the SD card from the computer to Google Drive in the same way as follows.

Way 1. Use Google Drive folder

1. After installing Backup and Sync on the desktop, navigate to a folder named Google Drive on your computer.

Google Drive Folder

2. Then connect the Android device or SD card with a card reader to the computer, open the disk storing the SD card data, and select the file to be uploaded to Google Drive.

3. Copy and paste these files into the Google Drive folder and they will be synchronized to Google Drive.

Way 2. Use Google Backup and Sync

1. Open the Backup and Sync program, navigate to Settings, and click on Preferences.

2. Under the My Computer tab, click USB Devices & SD Cards at the bottom of the window, and click OK to confirm.

Backup And Sync Select Sd Card

Bonus Information to Backup SD Card

In addition to the method of backing up the SD card data to Google Drive, you may have more information you want to know in the process.

#1. How to backup SD card to computer?

  • Copy and paste: Use a card reader to connect the SD card to the computer, press the "Win + E" key to go to Computer or This PC, then find the disk where the SD card is located, copy the files in it, and paste files to the computer.

  • With AOMEI Backupper:

1. Download and install AOMEI Backupper Standard on PC. And connect the SD card to the computer.

2. Select Disk Backup under the Backup tab.

Disk Backup AOMEI Backupper

3. Click Add disk to select a removable disk, and then select a location on the computer as the destination. Finally, click Start Backup.

Add Disk Aomei Backupper

#2. How to backup SD card to Google Photos?

  • On Android: Download the Google Photos on the device and log in to your account, click the Menu icon in the app, click Settings > Back up & Sync > Choose folders to back up..., and then select the folder to back up.

  • On PC: After connecting the SD card to the PC, enter the Google Photos website, open an existing photo album or create a new photo album, click Upload and locate the removable disk, click Open to confirm.

Expand Google Drive Storage for Free

If the amount of data in your SD card is too large, a Google Drive account with only 15GB of free space will not meet your needs. In addition to paying to upgrade your account, you can also combine free cloud storage to expand your backup space.

Using cBackupper allows you to merge the storage space of multiple cloud drive accounts. The combined small space can be used to back up the data in your SD card.

1. Create an account with Sign up, then log in with your cBackupper account.

Sign Up

2. Click Add Clouds, then select your cloud drive (here is Google Drive) and click OK to confirm the operation.

Add Google Drive

3. Change the Display Name of the cloud drive to make it easier to distinguish, click Allocate to allocate space for backup, tick the checkbox before Note and click OK.

Allocated Space Google Drive

4. Repeat Step 1-Step 3 to add all of your cloud drives. And you see can see the Total Space under the My Clouds.

Combine Cloud Storage

Note: If you want to move files between cloud storage, you can go to the Tasks tab, add the source and destination, and finally click Start Backup.

Final Words

That’s all about how to backup SD card to Google Drive from Android or PC, you can choose any of the above methods. Don't forget to use cBackupper to expand your backup space for free, it can also help you back up files in one drive directly to another drive.