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What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is the best cloud backup system in the market so far to protect you from losing all your data just in case if something goes wrong with your physical devices. It allows you store any size of files all in one place and enables you to access all your files anywhere easily.

Google Drive

Explore the benefits of Google Drive

Simply if you have an established Google account, it offers generous storage space (15 GB) for free, forever. Any size and any type of files can be stored safely in this highly secured drive, which is encrypted using SSL. The drag and drop function makes the uploading much easier. Also, it offers special apps for computer, mobile, or tablet to help you access and backup Mac to Google Drive, Windows PC to Google Drive as well as phones to Google Drive with offline or no service condition.

Google Drive also has good file sharing capabilities. You can let other people access to any particular files and also set access options to allow them to view, comment or edit. Powerful search is another option to help find the file you need quickly just search by name or content, which can even recognize objects in images.

Plus, Google Drive keeps the old version of files for 30 days, so you can go back to undo the changes you made. Amazingly, if you use Google Drive for Android, just shoot a photo of documents then Google Drive will store them immediately as PDFs.

How to backup files to Google Drive automatically?

Google Drive has its own traditional manual method for backing up files, but some users feel that this method is a bit troublesome for them. Is there any way to automatically backup files or folders to Google Drive? Do you know Google Backup and Sync, the desktop program of Google? It can easily help you backup files to Google Drive automatically.

Google Backup And Sync

Have a look on how to backup files to Google Drive automatically through Google Backup and Sync.

1. Download and install Google Backup and Sync.

2. Tap “GET STARTED” to begin, and Log in to your Google account.

Backup And Sync Get Started

3. Select the folder you want to back up to Google Drive. Click Next. The program will place a folder on your computer where you can drag and drop files to automatically upload them to the cloud so that they can be accessed from anywhere.

Select Folder Next

4. Then your computer will start backing up to Google Drive. This will take a while, depending on your connection speed and the number of backups.

Bonus Tip: Protect Google Drive files with CBackupper

CBackupper is a professional cloud backup service that can help you quickly and directly back up files on Google Drive to other cloud drives (such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). When your Google Drive server is crashed by virus ransomware or Google Backup and Sync program, you can find the files you need in another cloud disk.

Try to follow the steps below to backup Google Drive files to another cloud drive.

Step 1. Sign up with CBackupper and sign in.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add and authorize Google Drive and Dropbox. Click “Clouds” and “Add Clouds”, select “Google Drive” and “Dropbox” and hit “OK” to continue. Then, allocate backup space for files and folders.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Click “Tasks” and “Create Task” subsequently.

Create Task

Step 4. Click “Add Source” and select “Google”, then click “Add Destination” and select “Dropbox”, and click “OK”.

Add Source and Destination

Step 5. Click “Start Backup” to start your backup task.

More about CBackupper

Schedule backup: Our data will change with our daily use. In order to avoid forgetting to back up important data, you can set up scheduled backups (daily/weekly/ monthly) in CBackupper, which not only can effectively prevent you from forgetting to back up important data, Allows you to save effort and time.


Allocate space: You can use all free space for backup images (default), allocate certain spaces for backup, or set remaining space on the contrary. Reasonably arranging the cloud disk space can prevent the backup file from occupying the cloud disk and causing the cloud disk to not store other files.

Allocate Space Feature

Protect Your Local Files with CBackupper

In addition, you can also use the CBackuppper desktop client to protect the files on your computer. The files in your computer may be lost or damaged due to accidents such as system crash, disk damage, virus intrusion, etc. Backing up local data to AOMEI Cloud (1000GB) through CBackupper desktop client can protect them from various threats.

Final Words

Now, with CBackupper, no matter what happens to your PC or phone, you can just calm down and get all your important data recovered easily from the cloud drive by a click or two!