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  • Never store user data, safe and reliable.

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About Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Photos

Did you know that Amazon cloud backup Prime members include unlimited photo storage space? This is what made me interested in Amazon backup services. After my investigation, I found that it is very remarkable.

Amazon Cloud Drive, as known as Amazon Drive, is a cloud storage application managed by Amazon, which offers cloud unlimited space for storing photos, video, or music. The service ensures file and document backup, sharing of the same thanks to the compatibility with the major platforms used and also an integrated photo printing service, not available in all countries.

Different countries have different support storage plans, as shown below:


Amazon Photos is an application for storing and backing up photos, and videos. As Amazon Prime members, Prime Photos provides unlimited storage for photos and RAW files and provides 5GB of storage for video and other files. Prime Photos is for personal use only, non-commercial use.

How much Amazon cloud backup costs?

Amazon Drive and Photos provides a free basic plan with which 5GB of storage is offered on Amazon's servers: just register an Amazon account to take advantage of this free space.

However, the free 5GB space fills up easily, and we might be tempted to have more storage space, especially if we have so many documents and files that we want to have available and have an online backup always at hand. Amazon cloud backup provides you with different plans and the pricing also varies.

1. Up to 5 GB, free;

2. Up to 100 GB you pay 12,00 € a year;

3. Up to 1 TB you pay 70,00 € a year.

How to use Amazon Drive

Using Amazon Drive is very simple: we can in fact access the service anywhere through its web version, with the use of any browser such as Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge. For Windows and Mac platforms it is possible to download a desktop application that allows you to manage the upload and synchronization of our data and photographs, while through an app the owners of a Fire, Android or iOS device can access the contents stored in the Cloud or upload your own files.

Amazon Prime customers can also store an unlimited number of photos, in addition to the free space offered by the basic Amazon Drive plan. In fact, all users have a 5GB storage space, useful for storing documents, files, photos and videos, but Prime users can have unlimited backups of photos, even in RAW format, on their personal cloud: all without affecting the amount of space available on your Drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive

What do I do when my Amazon Drive is full?

When your Amazon Cloud Drive has no memory and you don't want to pay any fees, you can try to transfer the data in Amazon Cloud Drive to another free cloud which has extra free space with a cloud backup tool like CBackupper, so that you can free up some space in Amazon Cloud Drive.

CBackupper is a professional and reliable cloud-to-cloud backup web service that can help you quickly and directly back up a cloud drive file to other cloud drives. In this way, the files in the cloud drive that you use as a backup source also exist in another drive, which can free up more storage space for the former. CBackupper doesn’t use the computer as a transmission intermediary, so it will not occupy the computer's memory and network resources.

Cbackupper Main Page

  • Transfer directly between cloud storage and cloud storage.

Because data cannot be transferred directly between cloud backup and cloud backup, so CBackupper is needed to transfer data. Unlimited data transmission, and if the transmitted cloud backup space is insufficient, the data can also be automatically backed up to another cloud backup.

  • Simple steps.

1. Subscribe and sign in to CBackupper.

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2. Authorize and add your clouds under the "Clouds" tab.

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3. Select the file you want to backup.

4. Select one cloud drive as a transfer source and another cloud drive as a backup destination.

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5. Click “Start Backup” in the lower right corner to perform the operation and wait for the backup task to complete.

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Amazon cloud backup services is a good choice for your data storage but it only has 5GB. When there is not enough space, you can use CBackupper. CBackupper is the best choice for your data transfer. No need to pay at all, and the new user can easily operate, no longer have to worry about the lack of space in Cloud Storage.